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Winner of the 3rd Annual "Win a Weekend for Two" Contest

Congratulations Alexandra F. from Toronto - the winner of our contest for a Spring Weekend for Two! Below are the correct answers to the contest. We know that the contest was especially difficult this year and would like to thank everyone who participated – we hope it was a fun learning experience! To reward all of those who correctly identified all but did not win, you can look forward to hearing from us for a 20 percent discount on any spring dates (May 29 to June 25) – a great deal on top of our already low spring rates. Thanks so much!


Image #1 - Arctic Skipper


Image #2 - Red-spotted Glyph Moth


Image #3 - Horrid Zale


Image #4 - Red Admiral on Chives


Image #5 - Red Maple Borer Moth


Image #6 - Chocolate Prominent


Image #7 - Black Arches Caterpillar


Image #8 - American Dagger Moth Caterpillar


Image #9 - Crab Spider ( Misumena vatia )


Image #10 - Candy-striped Leafhopper


Image #11 - Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker


Image #12 - Coral Fungus



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