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Spring 2022 - Arowhon Pines

April 2022 Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Spring in Algonquin

Dear Friends of Arowhon Pines,

Spring is the season of change – buds on the trees, hundreds of shades of green, cool lakes and fields of daisies and buttercups. There are moose, birds, beavers, otters, deer and fox. Quiet and peaceful … you might be the only ones on the lakes and trails. If that’s not enticing enough, from June 3 (opening day!) to June 16, our rates are the least expensive of the season. Join us in celebrating spring.

Thank you for your past, present (and hopefully future!) patronage. Your support and understanding in navigating the ever-changing rules and procedures during these past two seasons, leaves us especially grateful. See you this summer!

Love Theresa, David, Adam and everyone from Arowhon

News to Share

  • We replaced all the windows in the cupula of the dining room. Some of the windows will open which will allow some heat to escape on those oh so suffocating hot days!

  • Brand new, old barn board hard wood flooring in the lounge, halls and rooms of Tanglewood, our oldest cabin.

  • Keeping our staff happy, along with guests, is paramount. Renos of our staff accommodation continue with the addition of two new “family” cabins open for staff with children.

  • Our website will be getting a facelift soon before we open.

  • New lifejackets, new umbrellas, new billboards, new tennis courts and more!

COVID-19 Due to the changing nature of Covid-19, we’re hesitant to announce any policies or procedures too far in advance of opening date. What we can report is that the Ontario government has suspended all mandates regarding the wearing of masks and vaccine passports. In addition, although adult vaccination is still required to enter Canada, pre-arrival testing at the border has ended. Be assured that we will follow government health regulations, whatever they may be, and will communicate our own policies and procedures. Concerns, questions or comments about Covid-19 and your holidays at Arowhon Pines; please email me directly

2022 We’ve learned a lot about our operation living with Covid-19 for the past two seasons.

We’ll keep our little patio by the lake so that on beautiful days, some of you can choose to eat lunch al fresco.

Our on-line check in and check out is efficient with less paper. We’ll email you a few days prior and request that you confirm your reservation details including credit card, license plate and ETA, etc. When you arrive, call us from the parking lot and we’ll meet you, arrange for luggage, and walk you to your rooms. On the morning of your departure, we will take payment and send you a receipt by email.

A return to daily housekeeping upon request. There will be no turndown service.

A full buffet of appetizers for breakfast every day; lunch appetizer buffets Monday to Friday and Sunday. There will be a full buffet, including desserts on Saturday lunch. For the time being, we will be offering full table service at dinner. We found that preparing and serving our menu to table creates far less food waste.

Our aim is to be a little smaller, serving 80-90 people instead of 120 (which is our legal capacity). However, there are some times, especially during prime time, when we are very busy. Luckily there is lots of space here to enjoy and explore.

Etiquette There are a few things which we would like to remind guests, in order to keep Arowhon Pines a unique setting for your holidays. These are not new policies; they are the core to keeping Arowhon peaceful and quiet.

Families Please…parents must ensure that children behave in such a way so as to not disturb other guests - around the grounds, on the main dock, in the dining room and in the cabins. Laughter and jumping in the water is lovely; screaming and running in the dining room or on the main dock is not.


Arowhon is made for early birds and early to bed. Sound travels fast and far in the north woods. Families and friends should get together in the games room in the evening. After 10 pm, the resort is quiet – whispers are nice. Please wear earbuds if you wish to play music.

Tables Tables are first come, first served.

Misc Leave No Trace – on day trips, collect and bring back all your lunch garbage. If you need a bathroom, stop at an empty campsite and use the “thunder box”. Drive slowly on the Arowhon Road - there are people and animals everywhere! Joggers, bikers & walkers stay alert and to one side of the road single file. No food in your rooms please – this is an invitation for mice and other creatures. Sadly, cell service is creeping in. Do not use your phone in and around the Dining Room. If you get a call or text, keep it to yourself and take the call away from others.

There are many beautiful areas around the grounds to sit and relax. Instead of “saving a lounge chair”, we suggest trying out different spots – near the canoes, on a campsite, on the verandah – so that everyone can enjoy some time on the main dock.

Availability this Season:

There are rooms available in our larger cabins. If you’re looking for Private or 2 Bedroom Cabins, or space for a family reunion or friend get-together, here are some dates that may interest you: PRIVATE CABINS: All of June, then specifically: Jun 27–Jul 1, Jul 1-8, Jul 8-15, Jul 15-18, Jul 10-14, Jul 24–31, Sep 11-18, Thanksgiving Weekend. 2 BEDROOM CABINS: All of June, then specifically: Jun 30–Jul 5, Jul 16-20, Aug 20 – 24, Sep 22 – 26, Sep 26 for 7 nights. 3 BEDROOM CABINS: All of June, then specifically Jul 4–7, Jul 14 – 16, Aug 6 -9, Aug 20–26, Aug 23–26, Aug 29-Sep 1, Sep 4–7, Oct 5-7 4 BEDROOM CABINS: All of June, then specifically Jul 5–10, Aug 18-20, Aug 26–29, Sep 5-7, Sep 19-23, Oct 5-7 8 BEDROOM CABINS: All of June, then specifically days in between Jul 4 – 17 Please contact Adam at for more information.

Special Events at Arowhon Algonquin Writer’s Workshop with Quick Brown Fox – Jun 3 for three nights


Painting Classes with Martha Johnson Aug 29 for four nights Email: Phone: 416-322-4894


Artist/Sketcher Scott McKowen – Sep 2 for four nights


Bill Frank’s paintings will be showcased all season long; plus he will be here Sep 26 for 7 days


Christine Luckasavich, Indigenous speaker, dates TBD

From the Chef In the kitchen over the past two years we have learned to innovate and adjust to current situations! It is surprising to think of the benefits that have come to our cooking style that the pandemic has brought. Without the late openings we never would have had the time to look around and notice the gifts that nature provides us in late spring, such as our new spruce tip pesto, garlic mustard pesto, and pine cone syrup. These local products grace our Wednesday night lamb loin, and have brought it closer to the forest we cook in! There will be more preserving this year, watch out for pickled ramps, fiddleheads, and chanterelles paired with our charcuterie. We also think we will be able to use our demonstration kitchen this year, so keep an eye on our website for some cooking demonstration events! Along with me, Lawrence, David the Pastry Chef and the rest of the team are in the middle of pre-season planning, anticipation, and excitement, and cannot wait to get back in the kitchen! Looking forward to a season of wonderful cooking! David Cooke


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