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Moths Found and Photographed

Dear Theresa,

I have finally had a friend help me to move many GB of photos to my backup storage. This has made it possible to look at some of the Moth Photos I have collected at Arowhon Pines. Here are a few of our Moth photos and an explanation of why we find them so exciting to search for, discover new species, identify, and photograph at Arowhon Pines each year.

We find that visiting Arowhon Pines in the late spring / early summer and again in the autumn each year, has given us the great opportunity to search for Moths each day. On the way to breakfast we always check the lamp posts and the vegetation beneath the lamp posts, since many moths are attracted to the lights at night and are perched there to be discovered in the early morning. Their colours, shapes and patterns are exquisite and we hope that by sharing some of our finds with guests at Arowhon Pines, everyone will be enticed to check the lamp posts for themselves. I am not an expert in Moths and have been helped in the identification process in 2 ways:

1) The Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America by David Beadle and Seabrooke Leckie

2) The website Look under the Contributor’s Pages for Jason Dombroskie and you will find hundreds of photos taken by Jason when he worked at Algonquin Park over a 10 year period. Dr. Jason Dombroskie is in charge of the Cornell University Insect Collection and the Insect Diagnostic Laboratory. In June 2014, Jason gave a workshop at Algonquin Park and he was hosted by Theresa Pupulin and the Arowhon Team for the evening meal, an evening workshop on the Missy Lake Road, and as a guest of Arowhon Pines.

Enjoy the excitement of discovering new moths, insects, butterflies, etc. whenever you are a guest at Arowhon Pines. We always do !!!!

Ann and Brian Gray


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