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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

October 2020 Arowhon Pines, Algonquin

Greetings from Algonquin Park!

Dear Guests of Arowhon Pines,

As we welcome our guests for the final Arowhon Pines weekend of 2020, we can’t help but jot down a few thoughts about this past season.

Like everyone we followed the pandemic news daily, all the while trying to plan our response. We spent months designing, debating and revising every practice that had been done for the past 30 plus years. All departments were affected; it was like operating a whole new resort! In May and June, you would have seen us measuring distances all over the resort, rearranging furnishings, sadly retiring the famous buffet tables, trying out new menus and getting accustomed to life in masks.

We opened July 7th with a few dozen lovely guests who spent a hot and sunny week dining on our ‘patio’, aka the dining room verandah. Although glorious, we were happy one week later to move into the dining room, greatly distanced. Early on, we made the decision to operate at one half capacity and never regretted it. We wanted to keep Arowhon smaller, quieter, even more peaceful, and safer for guests and staff. Everyone enjoyed wonderful swims in the lake and walks in the woods, saw moose, beaver and otters and befriended the rabbits foraging everywhere. Nature soothed our souls.

The cooperation from our staff has been extraordinary. You can’t imagine how hard this crew worked, and pulled together. We worried it might be hard to keep our 20-somethings away from one another, but they outshone all expectations and kept it together, especially at season’s end, when we’ve all had to work a little harder to bring our season to a healthy, successful finish. Bravo, all our staff!

Little things we’ve learned and may keep for the future are topics for another day. Mostly we learned that Arowhon is an important part of people’s lives. A stay was a true respite from the world outside. We sheltered and rested in nature, disconnected from the daily numbers in Ontario, the churn in politics or on the boob tube. What can compare with loving the ones you’re with for happy days on the shores of Little Joe Lake? For most of you, this was the first place you ventured outside your own homes. Thank you for trusting us.

Already we’re looking forward to even better days ahead in 2021.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love Theresa, David and Adam & Everyone from Arowhon Pines

PS As you so generously did with us, please patronize and support your other favorite places - local restaurants, delis, coffee shops and small grocers - as we all adjust to live our best lives.


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