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Arowhon Pines, Spring Fever


May 2015


What a difference a week makes! All the ice is finally out (April 29), the sun is warm, there are buds on the trees and the loons are back. The ferns and fiddleheads are popping. This year we open for lunch on Friday, May 29th! We’re eager to show you what we’ve been up to all winter long. Have you booked your room by the lake? Spring rates are $ 210 per person per night (double occupancy) inclusive of three meals per day and all facilities, up to June 25. In the spring, the wildlife viewing is best and for most of the time, you’ll have the trails and lakes to yourselves. Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely, Theresa, David and Adam


Chocolate Love

In April, we signed up our baker, Heather Mordue, for some hands-on training with some master chocolatiers in northern Italy - in Torino, the capital of the Piemonte region, and on the shores of Lake Como. We’re anxious and excited to see what comes from her studies – we’ll be testing them this spring! (Well, someone has to do it!).

READ ABOUT Heather’s course and travels…


The Loon in Algonquin Park

The Common Loon is the iconic symbol of Algonquin Park. Even if you don’t see one, you’ll hear their incredible sounds every night on Little Joe Lake.

Do you know the different calls and what they each mean? CLICK BELOW to hear them!

THE HOOT is used as a contact call as birds approach one another. THE TREMOLO signals distress and may urge loons to move to safety. THE YODEL is used in territorial disputes, essentially stating to any loons close by - "This is our territory!"

And THE WAIL indicates a willingness to interact and is used to reestablish contact between individuals when they have been separated. For more detailed information on the Common Loon,

The loons arrived on Little Joe Lake a few weeks ago when the ice wasn’t even out yet. Word must be out that there are nice people here, and the food is good! We say, welcome back!


Congratulations Alexandra F, the winner of the Spring Weekend for Two contest. CLICK HERE to see the answers to the quiz.



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